Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mason jar paintings

Here are some more pieces I painted during my blogging-break. I thought they deserved to be posted. I'll confess that these are my current favorites, especially the first two.

Jar on Jar, 18 x 24, soft pastel on paper. SOLD

Mason jar/gauze curtains, 16 x 20, soft pastel on paper.

Mason jars/glass heart, 14.5 x 15, soft pastel on paper. SOLD

The glass heart featured in the second and third pieces was given to me by my son when he was about 4. He had a dollar to spend on whatever he chose--and he chose that paperweight for me!


  1. absolutely luminous and beautiful

    You do glass SO well

  2. Wow. Whese are pastels? I'll be back to see more! Wish I could see them in person.

  3. Great paintings. You compose your artwork in a similar manner to the way I compose my photographs.

    Like you, I still treasure the little things my children have given me.

  4. These are SO amazing. How, how, do you do this?!

  5. Beautifully executed and inspiring!

  6. Kim!

    These glass jars are great!

    Funny Alvin should comment on these because they remind me a lot of his paintings of glass.

    I like the last one the best simply because green is my most favorite color.

    All the various greens and aqua-blues look so soothing together.

    Fantastic job capturing light too!

    Just great!



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