Sunday, March 29, 2009

second-stage springtime

The seasons arrive in stages, each one a surge of new bloom. This is especially true in springtime, as we progress from crocus to daffodil to tulip and on into full-blown summer. (Have you ever managed to catch that mystic switch from spring to summer? I just seem to wake up one day and notice spring has passed, but I don't know when or how she went.)

If the year is a parade, daffodils are the first big marching band to pass the viewing stand. They're never quite in step, and they do more skipping and dancing than marching, but their fairy trumpets leave no doubt that the parade has come.

After daffodils come the tulips. I think of them as marking second-stage spring. A little more formal, tulips, but they give us a lovely shape-shifting show.

Tulips are the beauty queens in our parade, waving graciously as they sail on by.

There are so many other blossoms in this bower of a Southern spring. I don't even know all their names, and I haven't been out to photograph their faces. I hope to change that soon.


  1. Hi, Kim - What beautiful paintings, and what lovely writing. Thank you for your blog, which has brightened up a gloomy Sunday morning.

    What got me here was your comment on r. garriott's blog that you were too lazy to do all that underpainting. I thought I was the only painter in the universe who was too lazy to underpaint or glaze - though I must admit, I'm starting to get interested in glazing.

    At any rate, beautiful work.

  2. Thank you, Carrie, and welcome to my blog!

    I work exclusively in pastel, so glazing is out, but I do eschew--for the moment--the acrylic or watercolor underpaintings that so many pastel artists use so successfully.

    Take a look at Tracy Helgeson's blog to see an artist who makes masterful use of glazing in her abstracted landscape work. I've seen it in person--it glows!

    Of course, there is nothing wrong with alla prima work--much of it so vivid, so gestural, so filled with light and motion. I've never used a brush, but one day I may just check it out!

  3. Your spring is our autumn here in Australia!

  4. By all means, get out, photograph and post on your blog.

  5. Happy Spring! Lovely flowers!

  6. I am going to have to carry that description with me for a while, and meditate on it! Something really needing to be digested!
    And the photos are great, too!

  7. These are beautiful Kim!
    I have an award waiting for you on my blog!

  8. Hi Kim - really enjoying your blog. I chose your blog for an award. You can pick it up on my April 4th post!

  9. I think it's funny that Carrie thinks I do under painting because I'm (not?) lazy-- I underpaint because full blown alla prima is too hard for the likes of me!


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