Friday, March 27, 2009

Iron Photographer

The Utata group on Flickr is one of my favorite places on the Web. Every two weeks, writer-photographer and pillar of Utata Greg Fallis posts the elements for a new Iron Photographer project. The challenge is to make a photograph incorporating three required elements. The resulting images are amazingly creative, beautiful, intelligent, and often hilarious.

I can't resist Iron Photographer. No matter how tired I am or how much I have to do, I drop everything to mess around with those three simple elements. It isn't always a successful image, but I always enjoy the challenge . . . and the conversation that follows.

Here's my entry for Iron Photographer #71. I shot it tonight, right in the middle of making dinner, abandoning my preparations because that's when the light was right. Required elements: 1 - something pink;
2 - a piece of furniture; 3 - minimalist style.

I made this pic for Iron Photographer #70. Required elements: 1 - something warm(ing); 2 - something from your desk; 3 - a quotation pertaining to either of the compositional elements. (The quote: "Flowers seem intended for the solace of humanity." John Ruskin.)

I could go on and on. The photos in my "hall of mirrors" post are both IP shots. Altogether, I have 51 Iron Photographer images, created over the past 2 1/2 years. You can see them here, in my IP set on Flickr.

One more of my faves, from IP 65. The requirements: 1 - a shirt; 2 - something you'd find at a child's birthday party; 3 - square format.

I'm not sure if my photography exercises should be considered creative expression or pure procrastination--but I won't give them up!


  1. Kim ... your photography and pastel work go from strength to strength. You have an amazing talent. xx

  2. These are great, and what a fun time-sink!

  3. I;ll second what Leslyf said :>)


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