Friday, February 11, 2011

setups setups and more setups

I really don't like doing setups.  It's the worst part of the painting process.  Well, that and prepping the paper, but I don't have any paper-prepping photos to share right now, so I won't entertain you with that process.  (Yet.) 

I really have been busy, although I have no paintings to show for it.  (Yet.)  Here is a small sampling of the images I've been shooting as references.  There are pages and pages more, but I think this gives you an idea.  This is not my usual standard for photography--my reference images are shot quite differently than photos intended to stand on their own.  I don't actually want high quality in my reference photos, because I use my mind and eye to fill in the gaps and bring it to life.  If I worked from beautiful sharp photos, I might be too tempted to just duplicate the photo instead of making a painting.  I'm not a copyist--but because I tend to be a perfectionist, I must protect myself from temptation!
I'm starting to feel pretty good about where I'm going in developing new subjects and series.  I still have a number of paintings to add to past series, but right now I'm focusing on fresh material.  It's time to start filling my studio walls with new work!

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  1. Some nice defile here, Kim. Especially like the bowls ,cups etc. I understand that process well.


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