Friday, February 11, 2011

setups setups and more setups

I don't like doing setups. It's the worst part of the painting process.  (Well, that and prepping the paper, but I don't have any paper-prepping photos to share right now, so I won't entertain you with that process. Yet.) 

This is a small sampling of the images I've been shooting as references. There are pages and pages more, but I think this gives you an idea. It's not my usual standard for photography; I don't actually want high quality in my reference photos. If I worked from beautiful sharp photos, I might be tempted to duplicate the photo instead of making a painting.

I'm not thrilled about any of these, but it's part of the process. Eventually I'll stumble on something I want to paint.

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  1. Some nice defile here, Kim. Especially like the bowls ,cups etc. I understand that process well.


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