Friday, January 21, 2011

red tea and white wine

Two more pieces for the February show. Beverages this time. Red tea in blue willoware on an Oriental rug (I love that straight-down perspective, especially in a square), and white wine in my mother's beautiful crystal, glowing golden by candlelight. 'Red Tea' may be the most fun I've had doing a painting; it just flowed, and I was surprised to find it finished all at once. The cut crystal tumbler, lower right in 'Wineglasses,' may have been the most difficult passage in all the pieces for this show. I struggled to depict that elegant cut glass, with its colorful reflections and sharply angled highlights, while keeping the look painterly and the edges not-too-aggressive.  I'm reasonably pleased with the result, but will certainly be trying again (and again) until I fully understand. Can't say I like that piece, but it's a finished piece and I need finished pieces.

Red Tea, 12 x 12 inches

Wineglasses, 16.5 x 11 inches

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  1. The detail you achieve in your paintings is amazing. Do you use pastel pencils to help you achieve this? Or just soft pastels?


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