Tuesday, January 18, 2011

from my last show

These pieces were in a group show at The Harrison Gallery, Williamstown, MA, in the Fall of 2010.

Iced Tea in the Afternoon, 10 x 15 inches, available through The Harrison Gallery
Iced Tea in the Afternoon was born in the Louisiana summer sun.  I was sitting in the shady green grotto beneath a big palm tree in my courtyard with a glass of iced tea, when I became fascinated by the pattern made by the melting ice.  I knew I had to paint it.

Daybreak, 22 x 30 inches, SOLD

I am an inveterate collector of glass bottles, and they find homes anywhere and everywhere.  Daybreak is a look at the windowsill in the butler's pantry in my lovely city apartment here in Rochester. I was lucky to capture these beauties on a cool blue morning, kissed by the oblique rays of the rising sun.

Stained Glass with Bottles, 24 x 21 inches  SOLD
I stumbled upon the reference for Stained Glass with Bottles at the Crossroads Country Mall in Lima, NY.  This antique/flea market is located in an old church along western New York's Routes 5 & 20, an east-west corridor between the Finger Lakes and the Niagara Region.  (It's an off-the-beaten-path area well worth exploring.)  We were shopping for still life objects on our way to a Finger Lakes wine tour.  Mike spotted some bottles on a high shelf in front of this extraordinary stained-glass window, and I immediately started shifting things around so I could get a photo with my cell phone.  It was way above my head, but I held the phone high and snapped away. When we looked at the images, I was afraid our shrieks of excitement would get us thrown out of the store.  Those few hasty, off-balance shots gave me material for a series of paintings along with a whole new infusion of inspiration.  We've been back a couple of times since.  I wish I could bring home the windows, but at least I can buy the glassware!  The bottles in Daybreak, above, came from the same trip.

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  1. These are absolutely beautiful, Kim. You have such a way with painting glass. I can't believe how crisp these paintings are. Congrats on the sales too!


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