Tuesday, January 18, 2011

down to the bare walls

I pin my paintings up on the wall as I finish them; it's a safe way of storing them so they won't get smudged. In preparation for my February show, I had nine finished pieces stuck to my wall, and oh! that felt so good. It gave me a little shiver of pleasure every time I entered the studio to see the fruits of my hard work (literally--there were several apples and pears). But now they are gone, gone, gone. Of course, I'll feel much better about it once they sell, sell, sell!

A couple of "before" shots:

Time to get busy at the easel and fill those walls again! I feel like I need flowers this time of year; maybe I'll start there.

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  1. Nice to see you back, Kin. I have missed your beautiful paintings. Back in NY too. Good luck with your show.


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