Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Vegetable still life painting

Summer Vegetables, 15 x 10 inches, soft pastel on paper. Available.

This piece was done for the Week 37 & 38 Challenge on Karin Jurick's awesome blog Different Strokes From Different Folks. Every two weeks, Karin provides a reference photo, and artists of every stripe, from all over the world, submit their interpretations. This is the first time I've participated. I'm sure I'll become a regular!


  1. That beautiful, rich brown in the background, and then the way that color is integrated into the onion skin really makes this a lovely piece!

  2. Wonderful still life, Kim and i do like the challenge idea. Nice strong color.

  3. I love the way this turned out. I love the rich colors - nice work.

  4. Fantastic, Kim! I love that rich brown, too. Really sets up a lovely harmony with the veggies.

  5. This is gorgeous! Love the crop and your vivid colors.

    The folks on DSFDF are a great art community. Hope you will be a regular!

  6. Beautiful, love the rich red against the dark brown!

  7. I love the way you painted this!

  8. Kim!

    Damn, this turned out really, really good!

    I'm so jealous!

    Fantastic job lighting the still life. Such strong dramatic shadows on this one.

    Great composition and choice of colors too.

    I swear this looks like an oil painting. I had no idea pastels could be worked so tight!



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