Sunday, April 19, 2009

studio cats

This afternoon I grabbed the camera to shoot some reference images in the fabulous light coming through my front window when Margaret appointed herself artistic director. She hadn't the slightest interest in anything in, around or near this window until I trained the camera on it...and then she couldn't tear herself away. (Excuse me for just a minute while I blow the cat hair off the keyboard. Now just let me go back and fix those typos...Lavender was standing in front of the monitor so I couldn't see what I was saying. Okay, good, now we can proceed.)

Cats love art and the artistic process. They soak up that creative energy like little furry (shedding) sponges. Here's Margaret as a baby with her old friend Rosie, showing an early familiarity with pastels. Margaret has always found painting to be a very relaxing pastime. It's the photo shoots that pique her interest.

Margaret's daughter Lavender is fascinated with writing utensils. She likes it when I draw in ballpoint pen. Actually, she likes it when I throw ballpoint pens; they are her favorite objects to retrieve. She brings them to me while I'm sleeping and I wake up in the morning with strange hieroglyphics scrawled on the pillowcases. (Yes, my nice Egyptian cotton pillowcases. If anyone knows a source for fine bedding in Bic blue, please do let me know.) I don't have a photo of Lavender with pen in hand--er, mouth--but here's a shot from the height of her adorable kittenhood:

Who can resist?

They may drive me crazy sometimes, but who else will ever take such a profound interest in all my doings? And every day my dear cat friends remind me to pause and bask in the sunshine of the moment...and maybe even take a nice, leisurely bath.

(That's Prudence bathing. Lavender is waiting for me to throw something.)


  1. Hooooooooow cute!!!! :) Thanks for the fun post.
    I wish, wish, wish I could have my cats in the studio while I paint, but they're forbidden from going in at all. There's just too much stuff they'll get into, too many wet-paint surfaces and pastel dust and...

  2. What fun pictures of your cats and congrats for being in the Pastel Journal feedblitz..
    Hope the sinus infection is better, they are awful.

  3. They are adorable! Our cat friends bring such joy into our lives, don't they? Yes, remembering to bask in the moment is good.

  4. gorgeous photos and beautiful cats :>)

  5. Hey...this sounds like my house. Right now Cooper has big 15 rear end on the edge of my keyboard. My Perry likes to paint with me, in fact, he had a lovely green streak in his fur for weeks.
    Well, what would we do without them?
    Your work is the jars.

  6. You made me smile with your wondrful cats photos and cat tales... that first one looks like a painting already!

  7. Precious cats and kittens!

    Great shots with lots of nice shadows on their profiles.

    These would make excellent paintings, no?


  8. Love your studio kitties! beautiful shots.


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