Wednesday, March 4, 2009

sunflower soup

Sunflower Soup, 15 x 11 inches, soft pastel on paper.

It's past my bedtime, so I'll keep this short. I've been working on this one all week. Floral and glass is a new combination for me. I loved painting the swirls of the petals behind the green glass. I wish I had done this three or four times larger! Uploading seems to have desaturated it somewhat.

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  1. It's interesting that when I first glimpsed this, I thought it was a very large painting. You've captured such vastness in the floral - no tight rendering here.

    an aside; I lived in Jamestown NY before relocating here.

  2. This is super. Amazing colours.

  3. I was curious about the title and followed a google blurb here.
    I'm not a pastellist - how much larger can you go ?
    I an a former upstate NY artist also.

  4. Hi Anita!! Thank you!

    JR--Size is only limited by the weight of the glass that will be needed to cover it. Pastel must be framed under glass. I've seen pastel 4 feet by 6 feet....but I can't quite imagine wrestling that onto the wall once framed...

    I think this one would look good at 3 x 4.

  5. I also thought it looked like a gigantic painting. SOOOO cool!!!! I also love the title. :)

  6. Well, it's settled, then. I need to do this again, only much bigger!

    Thanks, Jala.


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