Sunday, August 20, 2006

apples again?

I'm drawn to working in series. I'll often have a whole series planned and sketched with reference photos.... I paint one or two and get distracted by some other subject. But then in time I find myself coming back to my neglected series and working some more. There's an interesting tidal quality to the pattern. I just sit back and watch.

I don't tend to find any deep meaning in my series. There's no symbolism, no allegory, no whatever. It's more a communion with the objects and the play of light, and the way anything takes on a kind of sacredness if you look at it long enough. An apple ceases to be just an apple and becomes a living, breathing piece of something far greater than myself. I think that's what this is about for me--breathlessly seeking, again and again, that unspoken connection with the divine.

So I'll probably paint a lot more apples.


  1. Kim I took a bit of time out yesterday to have a look at your Flickr photos. They are totally amazing. You have a good eye for photography as well as your paintings.

    In this post the cloth and apple look awesome.

  2. Hi Kim. I also looked at your flickr photos and man are they are talented as a photographer as a great artist..I can totally see large prints of your photos for sale! Amazing work. Thanks for sharing..I am going to look more...Have a great day, cheers Lisa in Copenhagen,

  3. Hey, thanks, you two! I've really been bitten by the photography bug, to the extent of seriously neglecting my pastels. It's very affirming to hear that my photos please, especially artists like yourselves. Makes me fee less guilty about trading time in front of the easel for time behind the lens!

    (Of course, this does open up a whole new world of stuff I want to own....


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