Monday, August 21, 2006

sensual pleasures

A recent thread on a discussion board asked about people's favorite things. As I read through the replies, my grumbly morning turned into a good day. I consider that a great service indeed!

These are just a few of mine:

-the first whiff of thawed earth in early spring
-the smell of fallen leaves in autumn
-the smell of water, especially approaching an unseen lake through trees
-the smell of laundry fresh from the sunshine
-August chorus of crickets and cicadas
-spring and summer harmony of frogs
-early morning birdsong
-the clean scent of chrysanthemum leaves
-the green scent of tomato vines
-the reflection of rippled water on a white cottage ceiling
-slight dampness of bedsheets in a beach cottage
-morning dew on bare feet
-crackle of a campfire
-the scent of snow on the wind
-joyous airport arrivals (whether I know them or not)
-freckles on my son's nose

Please share yours. I'll post them. Perhaps I'll have a weekly appreciation day. We can all use more gratitude in our lives!


  1. Kim, here are a few of mine.

    Up early, coffee outside, sunrise (even though I am content to sleep a little later)
    Smell of earth after a rain, especially here in NM where rain is so rare.
    Smiles on strangers faces, well family, too!
    Smell of roasting green chili.
    Wood fire smoke on a chilly day.
    Feel of putting on a sweatshirt when you are cold.
    Surprise call or note from a friend, etc........

    Thanks for the smile today,

  2. Thanks, Jo! I'll save these and post them when we have a few. perhaps we'll make this a regular Monday thing--nice to remember our pleasures and blessings on a Monday morning, don't you think?

  3. The smell of freshly baked bread, followed closely by eating a slice (or two) topped with real butter. Biscuits & honey are the next best thing.


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