Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Yellow and Blue Danube, stage 2

After several more sessions working on this piece, you may notice that I don't appear to have gotten much done.

Well, I have. It just doesn't show because most of it got brushed off.

(This is a lousy photo, by the way. The color is way off. I'm too tired tonight to set up and do it right.)

Tonight, after brushing out the lemon twice, and working the background over and over and over trying to adjust the values, I very nearly scrapped this piece. I kept going because I remembered that this level of frustration usually precedes some kind of artistic growth for me. If this painting is the frustration I need in order to get that growth, then I'm willing. Bring it on!

Progress became much smoother after that decision. I'm confident I'll really be able to start whipping it into shape tomorrow. (Where's that smiley-face icon when you need it?)

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  1. Yep, I'm sure that you'll push it into shape! But doesn't that "nothing is going right with this damn thing" stage drive you nuts? Nearly always happens at some point with me .....


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