Friday, September 16, 2016

I didn't need it, but...

Madagascan Sunset Moth
I broke my nearly four-month-long yarn fast for these beauties.

The yarn is Mithril from the Verdant Gryphon. It's a lovely laceweight merino, plied tightly enough to have some body but not so tightly that it loses its softness. One of my favorite yarns.

The color is Madagascan Sunset Moth. I already had one skein of it in my stash, so when I saw these skeins pop up at a discount, I grabbed them. Well, no, that's not true. I didn't want to break my streak of not-buying yarn, so I thought about it for over a week before finally deciding to which point there were only two skeins remaining of the original three. So I guess I only needed two.

Madagascan Sunset Moth
This is my existing skein of the same color in the same base. Looks a little different, doesn't it? It isn't unusual for hand-dyed yarns to vary from batch to batch, but this is a big difference. It probably reflects the change in ownership and management at the Verdant Gryphon.

I don't mind, really; I'll just treat them as two different colors. They're all gorgeous.

Madagascan Sunset Moth

I also have Madagascan Sunset Moth from VG on Traveller, a DK weight base. Looks like a cross between the the first two. I'd like to use this in a textured stitch pattern for the yoke on a solid color (maybe gray?) stockinette stitch cardigan. I just have to choose the solid color, buy it, design the sweater, and knit it. I'm sure I'll get to it one of these days.

Madagascan Sunset Moth

Here's a real Madagascan Sunset Moth, in case you were wondering.

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