Tuesday, July 12, 2016

some knitting gives you tendinitis in your elbow

It isn't the fast knitting or the slow knitting that gives me tendinitis; I think it's the lace knitting. Or maybe it isn't knitting at all; maybe it's the computer mouse. Yeah, that's it. It's the mouse! If only it were the mouse. But now that my elbow is all itis-ed, the cause doesn't really matter. Everything aggravates it, including knitting.

So I'm not knitting.

Not-knitting is an uncomfortable state for a knitter. Knitting is my joy and my solace. Knitting is my meditation practice. Without knitting, I just don't feel like me.  Besides, that Ginormous Sweater on Teeny Needles isn't going to knit itself. And I have all these great project ideas clamoring for needle time. It's keeping me awake at night! or maybe that's the pain in my elbow.

Not-knitting, like grief, comes in stages. I've passed through denial (there's no denying it hurts), and moved directly to bargaining. The current bargain goes like this: if I mouse left-handed all day, I can knit for a half hour or so in the evening. Which might be okay, if I didn't lose the ability to tell time whenever I pick up yarn and needles. My conservative bedtime has suddenly become less conservative...and my elbow isn't getting better.

So tonight I'm blogging instead of knitting. I think it's working: I'm putting myself to sleep. Hey! my elbow feels better already.

I'm sure it'll be fine tomorrow.

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