Friday, March 18, 2016

I'm sorry, Spellcheck, but 'pompom' really IS all one word

The pompoms from my latest hat are so cute and such a source of maker's pride that I decided they deserved their own post . While writing it, I nearly yielded to my spellchecker's insistence that pompom should be written as two separate poms. But social media has taught me skepticism, so I hopped over to before I made any changes. Hah! Pompom it is and shall remain! (Unless I feel fancy and go with the equally correct pompon.)

Now that I'm done arguing with my computer, I bring you the happy little yarn puffs:

happy little yarn puffs

I planned to blog about the poms before I blogged about the hat, but life intervened, and now the whole process post idea seems a bit drab.  Suffice it to say I learned three things:

1. Pompoms use a LOT of yarn.

2. Pompoms do not grow back, so one must take care with the scissors when trimming them to shape. 
Corollary: Sometimes a flat spot is best ignored.

3. Pompoms can make a heckuva mess. Trim them in an easily swept-up spot.  
Corollary: Do not not trim over your computer keyboard, your contrasting-color wool sweater, or your lunch. 

Note: The pompoms, while delightfully plump and plush, are now measurably smaller than they were in the photo above.

you don't want this in your lunch

I really can't wait to make pompoms again!

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