Saturday, January 30, 2016

hat madness

Åsa Tricosa developed a set of three new hat designs while knitting for refugees, and I jumped in to test knit one of them.  But it turns out I couldn't stop at just one.  Hats, especially DK weight or heavier, are potato chip knitting for me.  I can complete a fully finished wearable object in just a couple of days, and then I get to have experiences like hearing my son and my best friend discuss a new hat, saying, "It's amazing.  It's a real thing, and she just sat here and made it."

I began with the Kaul Toque, which started out looking like this:

But by the end of the evening (this is why I love hats) looked like this:
And two days later, looked like this:

Then, this friend of mine who shall remain nameless but whose initials are Joe asked me to make him a Mohawk hat. Really, he did. I made him promise never to tell anyone I had made it for him...and then I made it for him. I cobbled together bits and pieces from a couple of different hats I'd made in the past, and came up with the Joehawk.

I hate to admit it, but... I kind of love it.

still not Joe.
that's not Joe, that's me.

But two hats, even when one is fully lined and features a felted hairpiece, just aren't enough, so I went ahead (hah!) and made another. This is Åsa Tricosa's Callisto Hat design, again in my beloved Wollmeise DK. Yeah, it looks kinda stupid on me, so I gave it away. But it's a fabulous hat.

See how I got brave and started modeling my own hats?  Just wanted you to notice. Thanks.

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