Monday, March 16, 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

I love this idea: a once-a-month post featuring whatever it is that's blooming in your garden. Begun by Carol on her May Dreams Gardens blog, this happy practice now has hundreds of followers. While there is MUCH more to be seen in bloom around town than in my little plot, here's what I have blooming today:

Dianthus--these little dudes have been blooming away all winter long. I suppose they'll take a rest when it gets hot. Or maybe not. I've never been a Sweet William fan, but these little bloomers get full marks for persistence!

Buttercup--Yes, I know it's a "weed," but how can I resist these cheery little faces popping up between my pavers? I just step around them, smile, and wave.

Daffodils--Running a little late, and looking a little bedraggled after all the rain the past few days, these daffodils still have that laughing daffodil charm.

Fig leaves--Okay, I know this isn't a bloom pic, but it's so pretty, it may as well be. These fig leaves are that mad feverish green of early spring, and they sparkle in the sunlight as if they're brushed with gold. It's dark, dank, and dreary today, and still they gleam.

Oh, and there's a sunflower just coming into bloom on my easel. That counts, too!

Someday I'll learn the secret to formatting multiple-photo posts without putting them all in a straight line. For now, this jumble will have to do.

What's blooming in your garden? Drop by the May Dreams Gardens blog and post a link to your photos for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Join the party! You don't have to be a garden blogger to participate.


  1. Just wanted to stop by a visit your blog and to thank you for visiting mine. I love the lay out of your photos and their soft, nostalgic appearance. I covet your orange peel painting.

  2. Thank you, Les. I enjoyed your blog very much, and I know I'll be back. See you then!

  3. I don't know "fig leaves" but I very much like the brilliant yellow/green of the leaves. They could light up any place they grow.

  4. Nice.

    And you're doing better than me on the blog photos thing--sometimes I'd like to post multiple photos the way yours are here, with text in between, but the blog automatically only puts them all together at the top of my post. :(


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