Wednesday, August 9, 2006


Yesterday was my birthday--which also marked an important anniversary. Last year, for my 40th birthday, my parents and son gave me an easel and some pastels. I had expressed a desire to revive a brief interest in art that, a few years previous, had led me to take a few pastel lessons. They thought that was a good idea, and gave me what I needed to get started.

I haven't looked back. I've drawn or painted nearly every day since then. This is more than a hobby--my whole life has changed! Calling myself "artist" may be the best thing that has ever happened to me. I feel so amazingly lucky to have found this calling.

Thanks for sharing it with me.


  1. Kim, you have done amazingly well in a very short time. Obviously fate stepped in when you were given those art materials. You have turned your life around in the past year and, as they say, Life Begins....".

    Well done.

  2. Kim, Happy Birthday!! What an amazing year you've had. You are an inspiration to me as I started with pastels about a year ago too and I paint everyday. It has been the most wondeful thing for me so I understand how you must feel! Oh, and I love your new birthday pastels...i'll have to check those out.


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