Saturday, July 1, 2006

Portrait revisited

Went and bought a few new pastels so I could fix this up a's the result. Daniel has approved the new lip color--which doesn't look this red in real life! (We held various pastels up to his mouth at the art store this afternoon.)

You can see I altered the jaw line a little bit, which takes away some of the likeness (not that most of you know what he looks like, LOL). I'll have to fix that. I also need to learn how to paint hair...


  1. The hair looks fine to me.........

    This is lovely, I haven't had time to comment on A&A. He's a real sweetie (well, he appears to be, anyway! :D)

  2. Thanks, Julianne...he really IS a sweetie--even at almost-14!

  3. It's got potential for sure.

    Why not post a photo? Then, the artists can comment more helpfully.


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