Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm still working...really, I am

My son is here for the month, so I'm spending as much time with him as I can...but I'm still working at my art, taking pics, sketching, etc. Tonight, while we watched a DVD of the first season of "24" (what a cool show--I'd never seen it before!), I cut paper from my roll of beautiful Wallis Museum, toned it with acrylics and stretched it to dry. Now the curl is out of it and it's ready to go! Here's a pic for proof.

I wanted a dark neutral color...we'll see how this purply shade works out.

Since that's not a very pretty pic, I thought I'd post one for Susan, who is still waiting for her roses to bloom. This is our Queen Elizabeth hybrid tea, which blooms its guts out all summer long with only the most minimal care. I planted this rosebush when I was nine. You do the math (it's not a young plant!).


  1. Oh Kim you are a tease; the roses are beautiful :D

    Enjoy your time with your son, they grow up so quickly!!!


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