Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Summer Solstice

Here we are, on the morning of the longest day of the year. In about one hour (8:26 AM EDT), the Earth will be at her greatest "lean" and all of us in the northern hemisphere will be riding closest to our glorious Sun. It's finally Summer.

This was one of the holy days of ancient calendars....a day that has been celebrated for time out of mind. Take a moment to reconnect with natural cycles today. It's most preferable to dance naked around a bonfire, or so I'm told; but if that's not practical, at least close your eyes for a moment and feel yourself moving through space. We are citizens of the cosmos.

Vermont Interlude
Midsummer midnight, moonless with a million stars.
We're driving dark dirt roads, windshield fogged with damp,
the night air raising gooseflesh on my arms. Or maybe it's you.
These roads go on and on, you know.
We could go along,

Soar beyond that curve, take flight ​over the swell of
​the​ next dark hill.

We spiral upward along the ridge
between the lush night trees, oxygen beneath them deep and heavy like a drug.
Let it stay dark, let it stay night, let the moon stay new, the sun 
​stay sleeping.  
Just you, me, the wind, the damp, this intoxicating air.  Touch me
and we'll rise. It will be our own private Rapture, we two pagan souls,
astride the currents of this spirit-ridden night.

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