Wednesday, May 10, 2006

work in progress, stage 6

Okay, this is the last update. I promise. The next shot will be of the finished piece--let's hope it's soon!

That pattern was just as much fun as I expected. I'm tempted to paint the whole set of china...

The color is better in this one. I think I figured out how to set the white balance. Can't wait until I get that guidebook to my wonderful camera!


  1. OMG that china.. it`s like ....awsome.... and it looks so nice cant wait for a complete 1 :)
    can i save the completed picture for my self ( as a wallpapr) for my dest top ??

  2. Kim I am just blown away by this WIP and it isn't even finished.

    When you don't want that china anymore can I have it.... said with a cheeky grin!!!

  3. Thanks Sazi--yes, you can use it for your desktop.

    Thanks, Susan--hey, good to see you! Sorry, can't give away the china--it's my mother's! She has a huge collection of antique china, crystal and glass's no wonder I paint still lifes.

    This plate isn't an antique. It's her everyday china. But I've always loved the pattern.


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