Monday, April 24, 2006


I put this piece away for a week, then returned to it to make some changes. I brushed out the lemon and started it over, with much happier results. I also corrected the rim of the bowl, although there seems to be a bit of a "twist" to this photo. The colors are more true, however, as I took more care with the lighting.

I am endlessly fascinated with the play of light on and through glass (and water). Expect to see more pieces along these lines, with interesting refractions and distortions. I'm seeking an abstract feel with very realistic representations.

Yellow Fruit, 10x20, soft pastel on Wallis. SOLD


  1. I've just had a nose around on your website and really enjoyed "Turning Toward Spring".

  2. You works qnd aeticals are inspiring I look foward to eaxh one!!!!
    PS now I am a fan!!!

  3. The peel on the lemon on the table is wonderful - the detailing is great. This is such a stunning piece!

  4. just fabulous work, Kim! :))

  5. Luminous, indeed! Your work is really beautiful! Glad I stumbled by this morning!

  6. Welcome to karma and wjsc! Hope you stop by often!

    wjsc, I tried to leave a comment on your blog--your digis are amazing--but Blogger wouldn't let me.

  7. To a future 30day artist,

    Hi Kim, thanks for dropping by 30day artist,

    we've recieved your application,
    and we'd love to have you.

    but we're full till the end of the year.

    and we keep getting request to join 30day artist.

    we try to fit in all the artist that qualify, but as the numbes of artist that qualify grows.. we'll have to think of a new way, to sellect our 30day artist.

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