Friday, March 17, 2006

on getting started....

As someone new to art, I feel it takes a special brand of outrageousness to approach the easel and presume to create. I get that butterflies-in-my-stomach sensation when I even start planning a painting; it has been known to keep me up at night. Some may say it's a lack of confidence, a fear of failure, or just a drive for perfection that loads those first moments with such paralyzing anticipation.....but I call it love. Remember falling in love? That swooning excitement that runs through the veins, making one feel almost ill? That sweet elixir that has us walking on air...but unable to so much as speak to the beloved? Oh yes, it's love. As artists, we are privileged to fall in love over and over again. Each new piece bears the potential for that glorious intoxication--and for the paralysis of its glittering expectation.

This post was published in the "clickbacks" to Robert Genn's Art Newsletter. Click here to see my illustrated letter.

[Note: I'm in the process of starting several new pieces. I'm not sleeping well. I hope to share them with you soon!]


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