Saturday, January 7, 2006

RSS and other feeds...

...even an email subscriber tool! I've made some use of my forced downtime to try and make sense of the blogging world and all its accoutrements. I've installed some buttons that will allow you to subscribe to my feeds, regardless of the feedreader you use. Click the square orange button and let me know if it works for you!

For those unfamiliar with things like blogs and feeds, a feed is a signal sent out by a website or blog that is picked up by various types of feed-reading software. People use this software, either installed on the computer or through a web-based service, to keep track of updates and changes to the various websites and blogs they're interested in. This way they get all their notifications in the same place, so they don't have to go looking at site after site checking for updates, nor do their inboxes get cluttered with email updates. Check out for an example of a free service.

If you don't use a feed reader, you may subscribe right here to receive an email message whenever my blog is updated. There is a box in the sidebar to the right to enter your email address. Your address will only be used for this purpose, and will never be rented, sold or distributed in any way.

I've recently reserved some books on blogging at my local library--watch this space for more creative use of the medium!


  1. Hi Kim ..... well done! It's looking really great. I started out with the black template too at first .... wish I'd stuck with it now 'cos it does look so very professional!

  2. G'day Kim, Your work is professional and by golly so is your Blog. I wish you well for the future with both.


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